Beach/Hulsizer Family History
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As with most family histories, our search for information began nearly twenty years ago with limited and often misleading information. Family legends spoke of a change in our surname from the French DESHETRES to BEACH, by way of Canada. But no family records existed to verify the change.

A Metis lineage also contributed limited written records for our Menominee nation lineage, while German and Irish immigrants also provided unique challenges.

In early 2012, a random post by Paul Jankowski, provided a BEACH family link that was traced to a DEHAITRE family from an earlier census by Kevin Beach and suddenly, the legends became proven fact.

Lisa and Keene Beach pursued the documentation that adds the breadth and depth to this site, with copies of letters from the 1830's - humanizing what are often just names on a chart - and they did it pre-internet, when it meant spending hours in a library or courthouse, searching records one at a time. Their contribution is immeasurable.

Explore the site and comment if you find it differs from the information you presently have. We view our research as a process, not a fait accompli, and welcome new information and theories, even when it challenges the status quo.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit!

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Alford and Adolphus Nelson Beach
Alford and Adolphus Nelson Beach

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The identity of Elizabeth Kittsons' mother remains a mystery. John Kittson has been linked to 3 women, all named Margaret or Marguerite. While his only registered marriage was to Marguerite Hardwick in 1846, Elizabeth was born in 1832 or 1833, differing in age by only 8 to 10 years. Margaret Robinson has seemed most likely, but thus far we have been unable to conclusively link her to John and Elizabeth. If you have any information on this relationship or other possibilities, we would welcome it!

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In tracing the Deshetres family, the Quebec Catholic Parish Registers at were invaluable. Special mention should also be given to the Genealogy of Canada website - their records of French Canadian families is unrivaled.